Are you living the best version of yourself?  Right here?  Right now? 

If yes, congratulations!  You’re among the very few who are.  Most of us have unrealized hopes and cherished dreams that we keep promising ourselves we’ll get to but which often get swept aside by crushing work and family responsibilities, the unrelenting day to day pace of life and the soul sucking thought that things can’t get better.


If you yearn for more and you’re ready for transformative change, Dow Fitness Consulting and our sister company SolFull Nutrition can help you achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals.  We specialize in assisting women who: iStock_000014522484XSmall

  • have lost the same 10lbs, 30lbs, 50lbs
  • are tired of being tired
  • think their aches and pains are due to getting older (poppycock!)
  • have given up on feeling better, looking better and moving better

Let us help.

Dow Fitness Consulting

We provide successful solutions to health and fitness issues. We help clients lose weight, choose more nutritious foods, decrease stress, improve sleep, learn how to move their bodies correctly, get stronger and overall feel better.  Understanding and effectively utilizing the constantly changing information on fitness and diet is our full-time job as well as our passion.

In each client session, Dow Fitness Consulting (DFC) brings professional expertise and experience, effective tools for successful lifestyle changes and a supportive, encouraging coaching method. 

We have been successfully working with clients for over 12 years.  We want to show you that YOU CAN achieve your health, fitness and nutrition goals. Our approach has helped many lose weight, change their diet, improve health, get stronger, increase energy and have greater vitality and zest for life.  You can create better health!middle aged woman doing pushups






As a DFC client, you receive an individualized plan including:

  • defined goals both short and long term
  • a safe, effective exercise routine
  • ongoing discussion of nutrition with tips and suggestions for food shopping, meal prep, food choices, pantry rehab, etc
  • stress reduction techniques
  • effective coping strategies on how to deal with obstacles, challenges and relapses
  • better work-life alignment
  • increased self-awareness with an emphasis on uncovering limiting attitudes and mental blocks

Whatever your goals: weight loss, weight maintenance, toning your body, stress reduction, improved food choices, better sleep, you can transform your life.  Take one small step today and become a better version of you. Get off that couch and start moving better, eating better and feeling better!


For those interested in a more focused approach to nutrition, SolFull Nutrition, our sister company, offers a unique 12 month online course to teach clients how to improve their relationship with food and eating. This course, developed by Precision Nutrition, has successfully helped over 30,000 women during the last 15 years understand how to make wiser food choices. In addition to the online course, SolFull Nutrition also provides one on one coaching.   Please visit our SolFull Nutrition page for more information

We work with clients locally in Northern Virginia and the metro DC area and also via telephone, email and video-conferencing.

laura-24-of-27-editContact me to get started.  Transform your life!