Do you want to feel better but are too exhausted to even think of getting off the couch?  Confused with the enormous amount of often contradictory information on how to exercise and what to eat? Still losing and gaining the same 10lbs, 25lbs or 50lbs? Feeling defeated and overwhelmed?

Let me help.

I created my company, Dow Fitness Consulting,  to help people lose weight, move their bodies more and feel better.  For my clients, navigating the huge amount of ever changing information on what to eat and how to exercise is another full-time job. Fortunately, making sense of all this information is my passion.  

You already possess two critical pieces to changing your situation: the desire for something better and your knowledge of yourself.  I add professional expertise and experience, effective tools for successful lifestyle changes and a supportive, encouraging coaching method. My approach has helped me and many others lose weight, choose more nutritious foods, improve health, increase energy and have greater vitality and zest for life.  You can create better health! 

Together we will create an individualized process including:

  • defining and clarifying your goals
  • designing a safe, effective exercise routine and tracking exercise progress
  • learning more effective coping strategies which support your goals (identify and stop self- sabotage!)
  • reviewing food choices with tips and suggestions for optimal nutrition
  • learning stress reduction techniques and how to deal with obstacles, challenges and relapses
  • achieving better work-life alignment
  • identifying and releasing limiting attitudes and mental blocks

Your program will be unique to you.  Whatever your goals: weight loss, weight maintenance, toning your body, stress reduction, improved food choices, better sleep, you can transform your life.  Get off that couch and start moving better, eating better and feeling better!

I work with clients locally in Northern Virginia and the metro DC area and also via telephone, email and video-conferencing.

Contact me to get started.  Transform your life!