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Over a decade ago, I weighed 225 pounds and was a size 22-24.  Back then I ate the typical “Standard American Diet”: oversized portions, huge amounts of simple carbs and sugars like breads, pasta, white rice, baked goods, TV dinners, fried foods, processed foods, restaurant food and take-out, pizzas, fast foods, fruit juice and diet soda.

I was the “cardio queen”, working out on the elliptical for hours at my local gym desperately trying to lose weight.  Not seeing results, I finally hired a personal trainer and nutritionist.  During my journey to a healthier self, I learned how to exercise properly and how to make appropriate food choices.  I also learned how my emotions influenced my food choices.  In order to lose weight and keep it off, I ultimately had to examine and eliminate destructive attitudes and beliefs which were holding me back from achieving my health and fitness goals.

One key for me was instituting a series of small lifestyle changes. This technique yielded much better results than trying to tackle everything at once.  Smaller changes felt more manageable.  Success in each smaller step encouraged me to keep going and eventually I was willing to look at bigger issues.  I lost over 95lbs and dropped 10 dress sizes.  Because of my personal story, I understand the challenges of losing weight.  In the decade since my transformation, I have maintained my weight loss.

Before and After (2002 on the left and 2015 on the right):


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Addressing my personal health and well-being led me to change careers and become a health and fitness professional.  Through my own journey and from working with clients, I have hundreds of successful tips and strategies.  I want to share them with with you and I want you to feel great!

I am passionately devoted to my clients. Whatever my clients’ goals: weight loss, improved fitness, higher energy levels, better sleep or increased vitality and zest for life, I can help.  My professional education and credentials in fitness, nutrition, medical social work, life coaching and yoga give me a huge skill set from which to draw.  I holistically combine these fields, adding my own unique perspective and sense of humor to my clients’ process.

Presently I am a master trainer, nutrition educator and health coach in Arlington, VA.  In addition to my personal training, nutrition and life coaching services, I also teach individual and group yoga classes.  My yoga sessions include traditional asanas, basic stretching,  breathwork, meditation and other stress reduction techniques.

A native New Englander, I grew up in a small town near Providence, Rhode Island, attended college and graduate school in Boston and lived in the metro Boston area where I was a professional musician.  I’ve also lived in San Francisco and currently make my home in the metro DC area.  I’m a voracious reader, relish drinking a great cup of jasmine green tea and savor visiting with friends.  An avid traveler, I like learning about different cultures and meeting people from around the globe.  Most of all I love to help people!


  • Certified Personal Trainer: American College of Sports Medicine/ACSM
  • Certified Personal Trainer: American Council on Exercise/ACE
  • Certified Health Coach: American Council on Exercise/ACE
  • Certified Pn1  Sport and Exercise Nutrition Coach/Precision Nutrition
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist:  National Academy of Sports Medicine/NASM
  • Certified Orthopedic Exercise Specialist: American Council on Exercise/ACE
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor/HKC Dragon Door
  • Certified Strength Calisthenics Instructor/SCC Dragon Door
  • Certified Foam Rolling Principles and Practices Level 1: TriggerPoint Performance Therapy
  • Registered Yoga Teacher: Yoga Alliance RYT-200
  • Registered Yoga Teacher 500 hours: in progress
  • Certified CPR/AED: American Heart Association
  • BA: Brandeis University
  • MM: The Boston Conservatory member, honor society Pi Kappa Lambda
  • Graduate Certificate in Medical Social Work: Institute of Health Professions, Massachusetts General Hospital
  • Life Coach: core curriculum, Coaches Training Institute
  • Certificate, Fast Track Speakers’ Academy, National Speakers Association
  • Undergraduate and graduate coursework: clinical exercise physiology (University of San Francisco), health behavior, health policy, organization development (American University)
  • Brown Belt: Kempo Karate
  • Additional training: nutrition, martial arts, T’ai Chi and meditation