What we offer:

We provide a variety of fitness and wellness services depending on your goals and needs, starting with an extensive assessment conducted either in-person, on the phone or via video-conferencing. Our sister company, SolFull Nutrition, provides a more focused, in-depth nutrition coaching program.

DFC’s approach is holistic and based on the premise that all parts of you are connected and interrelated.  If you change one part, that change affects other parts. Our assessment and subsequent recommendations will address many areas of your life. Your program is individualized based on your current life circumstances.

Powerful, transformative change takes time.  We require a mutually agreed upon time commitment for our work together, dependent on your goals.


Clients are seen in person in the immediate metro DC area and via email, telephone and video-conferencing. Whether you live locally or at a distance, either situation can be effective depending on your personality and your circumstances.

  • Initial assessment:   $200
  • On-going sessions:  $150 per hour after assessment, for a mutually agreed upon time frame.  Frequency of sessions/meetings to be determined.  Packages available. Private sessions may include: fitness evaluation, exercise program design and direct supervision of work-outs, nutritional counseling, life coaching and stress reduction techniques, yoga and breath work.


We offer fitness assessments, pre and post-rehab programs, exercise program review and corrective exercise services.  Traditional, in person, one-on-one personal training sessions are only available at Ballston Sport and Health Club in Arlington, VA due to our present contract with Sport and Health.  Please contact us directly for information.

Nutritional Counseling

Nutrition counseling is an integral part of our overall assessment process and critically important to improving your health and vitality. Nutrition counseling may include recording intake of daily foods and liquids, analysis of the food and liquids consumed, pantry rehab,  recipe overhaul and smart grocery shopping tips.

In addition to these services, Dow Fitness Consulting is also proud to offer SolFull Nutrition, an online nutrition course using Precision Nutrition’s educational platform.  For more information, please go to our page Solfull Nutrition.

Apps and Wearables  We may recommend apps and wearables to help clients gain a higher level of self-awareness and accountability which then translates into more success with health and fitness goals. Many clients find using apps and wearables a positive experience.  We’ve successfully used apps like My Fitness Pal and Health Kit (iPhone 6) as well as wearables such as Fitbit and Jawbone.

Life Coaching and Stress Reduction Techniques

Life Coaching is included in all Dow Fitness Consulting services and is a unique component to our work.  Stress Reduction techniques are also included.  Clients receive specific exercises to better manage stress as well as a multitude of recommendations on improving work-life alignment.

Yoga Classes & Private instruction, Breath Work and Meditation:

Yoga classes are currently on hiatus.  Private instruction is available.

Our yoga style is traditional Hatha yoga with a major emphasis on continuously connecting movement with breath and adjusting poses to keep yogis safe. We offer modifications for poses taught.  Yoga is for everyone!  If you can breathe, you can do yoga.  Additionally, guided meditation, in the style of MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) including body scan meditation and loving kindness meditation, is also available.


All clients will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical, health and physical activity form in addition to signing a waiver of liability and an informed consent as part of the initial assessment.  If you have a diagnosed medical condition, please note our policy below.

Our clients often have physical limitations and/or multiple medical issues.  Where appropriate, we collaborate with other allied health professionals such as physical therapists, physicians, massage therapists, etc. Depending on your particular situation,  written medical clearance from your MD may be required.  We may ask for a medical release regarding your ability to work-out, contraindications to certain exercises, whether you need more nutritional support, etc.  We reserve the right to suspend our work together and refer you to a health professional such as doctor, physical therapist, registered dietitian, massage therapist, psycho-therapist, etc   Your continued well-being is our primary concern.

Move better, eat better and feel better-transform your life!  Contact Laura to begin