SolFull Nutrition

SolFull Nutrition helps clients develop a more positive relationship with food. Our name SolFull incorporates the elements of sun and soul with the intent of guiding our clients towards a more life-enhancing connection with food, meals and eating.

Food is a vital component of health. Many of us possess uneasy, sometimes disordered thinking and habits surrounding our food choices and how we eat.

While Dow Fitness Consulting (DFC) has always incorporated nutrition coaching, education and guidance within our DFC personal training sessions, SolFull Nutrition presents a laser focused opportunity to dig deeper into your personal food journey utilizing your self knowledge and adding proven tools.

SolFull Nutrition currently offers:

  • a unique online, self study 12 month course
  • one-on-one nutrition coaching
  • in home kitchen make-overs, pantry rehab & food prep*
  • in store food shopping*

For our online course, SolFull Nutrition has partnered with Precision Nutrition (PN), creator and provider of the platform and content for the online class.

The course emphasizes clients’ self awareness, current personality strengths and effective “best practice” strategies around food and eating.

We also provide successful solutions to overcome limiting beliefs, time constraints and other obstacles which frequently can trip us up and often prevents us from making healthier food choices.

Precision Nutrition (PN) has successfully coached thousands of clients, including over 30,000 women during the last 15 years to develop healthier eating habits.

PN’s program not only helps people with food and eating. Their model  also includes life coaching and emphasizes the benefits of  a positive mental attitude.

At DFC, life coaching has always been part of our services.  We believe success is achieved more easily when the coach starts where the client is at and then coach and client together determine where the client wants to go.  Small, manageable action steps are established, helping our clients to achieve their goals.

Paar beim Fitness in der NaturClass Content:

Improving self awareness is a key component of this online course beginning with a simple observation i.e. where are you at right now?  Habits are another vital concept starting with changing one small habit at a time.

Class participants receive daily on line “lessons”, most of which take 5-10 minutes to complete. Some lessons are simply listening to a short audio (easy to fit in while doing cardio at the gym!) or reading several short paragraphs (perhaps during your daily Metro commute). Other lessons ask participants questions and request short answers.

Rest assured that DFC walks alongside you during this journey to better health and eating. We are your coach, guiding you through the lessons as well as providing explanation and support.

Transformative change takes time.  This 12 month course is an investment in you.  We guarantee that if you complete the entire year course you will have increased self-awareness of how you approach food, meals and eating therefore allowing you to make different choices.  As a result of taking this course, you will possess healthier eating habits and perhaps have empowered yourself to make positive changes in other areas of your life.

If you’ve struggled with what to eat, how to eat, when to eat and you’re tired of crazy diets. future and pastcounting calories or eating cardboard food and if you’re ready for powerful, lasting change, this on-line course is for you!

Level 1 daily on-line lessons with weekly email support from Laura

Fees:   $1200  Regular email support is included in Level 1

Full payment due at registration prior to start of the course

Additional Services:


Individual coaching sessions available, in person and by phone or video conferencing. Contact Laura directly for more information.

Coaching Fee: $80 30 minutes, $100 45 minutes, $125 60 minutes                                 Please note: One on one coaching is not included in Level 1.

Registration is Open!

To register, use the contact form on the website and specify SolFull Nutrition course in the subject line.  Confirmation of registration as well as additional details will be sent after receiving your email. 

Laura TGU pic smallerDisclosure/Testimonial:

In addition to being a certified Pn1 coach, I am also a satisfied PN client.  As a PN client, I enrolled in the same 12 month on line program that SolFull Nutrition offers.  Having access to excellent coaching, a community of like-minded individuals and effective tools and strategies has allowed me to make healthier food choices, get stronger achieve personal and professional fitness goals including maintaining a weight loss of over 95 lbs.

*These services are also available without needing to be enrolled in our online course. Please contact Laura for more information.