SolFull Wellness

Are you living the best version of you? If not, I can help. I am a health and wellness coach passionately devoted to assisting my clients achieve transformative, lasting change.

Since 2005, I have successfully helped clients get stronger, lose weight, make wiser food choices, reduce stress, move better and increase overall vitality and zest for life.  I provide multiple services including:


  • one-on-one health and wellness coaching
  • nutrition education and coaching including a unique 12 month on line course focused on developing a healthier relationship with food
  • in home kitchen make-overs, pantry rehab and food prep, in store food shopping
  • one-on-one yoga instruction including breath work and stress reduction
  • fitness program design
  • group presentations and workshops on a variety of health, wellness and fitness topics

What is coaching? I am a teacher, guide and partner.

During our coaching relationship, I provide you with support, structure, information, organization and accountability.

Consider me your project manager, keeping you on track and helping you deal with life’s challenges as they arise.

My philosophy is holistic and collaborative: you are an integrated, whole human being meaning every part of you affects the other parts.

During our initial assessment, we evaluate the different facets of your life: your job, your relationships: significant other, family, friends, social life, hobbies, stresses, nutrition, sleep, hydration, etc.

We work together as a team, establishing realistic short term and long term goals and agree on appropriate action steps to achieve your goals.

We then map out a custom designed wellness journey to produce your version of your best self. I collaborate with other allied health professionals and may recommend clients seek assistance in addition to coaching sessions.

Drawing from an extensive set of competencies, I offer you best practices, effective tips and strategies. My competencies include:

  • certified personal trainer
  • certified health coach
  • certified nutrition coach
  • registered yoga teacher
  • certified corrective exercise specialist
  • certified orthopedic exercise specialist
  • certified kettlebell instructor
  • certified strength calisthenics instructor
  • certified CPR/AED

My education includes:

  • BA Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
  • Graduate Certificate Medical Social Work Institute of Health Professions Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA
  • MM Flute Performance The Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  • Undergraduate and graduate classwork in exercise physiology, health policy and behavioral change at University of San Francisco and American University

Additionally I have my own personal successful story of maintaining a 95lb weight loss for over a decade. Please review my website for more information on my weight loss journey.

At this point in my life, I am the strongest and healthiest I have ever been. Let me help you be the same.

Initial 20 minute consultation is complimentary. All services are available in person in Arlington, VA including walk/talk sessions (weather permitting) and by video conferencing -yes even yoga! Please be aware that in order to serve my existing clients to the best of my ability, I currently have limited time available.



private yoga $250 per month 4 25 minute sessions

Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness coaching:

3 month program $1700; 6 months $3300; 12 months: $6500 50 minute sessions

SolFull Nutrition 12 month online course $1200 – click here for more information.

Please use the contact form on my Dow Fitness Consulting website.

I look forward to serving you~